About Me

“enjoyed the mountain view, run on the beach”


Hi, there!

My name is Satya Permadi, and you can call me Satya.

I live in Bogor, the city that has nickname “Rain City” because this area is more humid and rainy than others.

I was born and raised here, so I really care about Bogor.

For my educational background, I have bachelor degree in economics from Padjadjaran University. I learned many things about economics system, public policy, economics development, industrial economics, urban economics, etc. I have interest for all of that.

Since I was young, I have many thought about Indonesia, especially on history, economy, government, and politics. There are many things that I want to criticize about my beloved country. Like, I have always wondering when will Indonesia can be a developed country? Like it will never be happen.. meh

Anyway, I love cat very much. Sometimes, I even say hello to a cat on the street.. lol

Addicted to One Piece serial manga. Just because this manga is still on going, it feels like I have a reason live more longer! Crazy isn’t it? This manga is fucking awesome because of craziest mind of greatest mangaka Oda sensei. He is just fuckin awesome!

Love to travel to see the world. I dreamed that someday I can visit many city in this world. For the most city that I want to visit is all city in Japan, Hong Kong, Seoul, New York, and many more.

I also love urban planning. To see the art of all architecture and civil engineering on developed cities is something cool for me. So, that’s why I want to travel mostly to developed country. But, a mountain, a beach, and a sea, can be more fun too!

So, this blog is dedicated for all of my thought, my interest, and my idea. Because I like to observe many things, sometimes I write it down, but mostly I photograph it.


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