IMF: Fiscal Policy Must Be Strengthen to Face Global Trade Tension

International Monetary Fund (IMF) said, tense of global trade war increased makes uncertainty over global economy. Global economics growth has been set lower at 3.7 percent from 3.9 percent before.

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Indonesia Fishery Production Increased

Fishery industry should be a backbone for Indonesia’s economy. Every years, total production of fishing industry has been increased.

The data shown by Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan (KKP) that pointing significant increased of production after 2012. That’s a good news for local fisherman.

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Every best expression of Melisandre on Game of Thrones Season 6. She has beautiful expression after Stannis Baratheon was lost on battle. She has changed after that moment when she think she had wrong to interpret The Lord of Light sign. She feel so burdened and wronged, but she managed to accept what she has been doing. I love her character since the begining, and even more on season 6.